Zetuvit® Plus Silicone Border

Silicone superabsorbent dressing with a border for optimal moisture management [6,7]

Exudate in the wrong amount, of the wrong composition or in the wrong place can delay wound healing1. Some complications from the wrong amount of exudate can lead to skin maceration, wound expansion or delayed healing1,2,3. In addition, this can result in higher wound management costs3through increased material and treatment time and reduced patient quality of life4,5through pain, discomfort or social isolation. Zetuvit® Plus Silicone Border is designed to prevent exudate-related complications. Make Zetuvit®Plus Silicone Border your preferred dressing choice for optimal moisture management2.

No additional contact or fixation layer is needed

Unlike our Zetuvit® Plus and Zetuvit® Plus Silicone products, Zetuvit®Plus Silicone Border does not require a secondary fixation dressing. Zetuvit®Plus Silicone Border benefits from a transparent silicone border that protects the periwound skin and is designed to keep the periwound skin area visible, which can be cut to aid application when needed. In addition, Zetuvit®Plus Silicone Border features a backing film6,7, which is showerproof, breathable, bacteria and viral proof12.

The blend of cellulose fluff and fluid retaining superabsorbent particles (SAP) means Zetuvit® Plus Silicone Border, like our Zetuvit® Plus and Zetuvit® Plus Silicone dressings, is particularly suitable for treating heavily exuding acute and chronic wounds.

Under compression use

Zetuvit® Plus Silicone Border is ideal for use under compression. Furthermore, Zetuvit® Plus Silicone Border avoids leakage and prevents maceration, even under com pression3,6.

Absorption and Retention – a comparison

Zetuvit® Plus Silicone Border offers better absorption and retention, even under compression, compared to similar wound dressings with a silicone contact layer for moderate to high exudate levels (siliconised superabsorbent polymer foams)6.

Effective exudate management

Zetuvit® Plus Silicone Border offers very good absorption and retention performance while maintaining an optimal microclimate6,7. Furthermore, Zetuvit® Plus Silicone Border avoids leakage and prevents maceration, even under compression3,6 while also reducing matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activity13.


✔ Can be applied aseptically with gloves
✔ Conforms to the body
✔ Stays in place without additional fixation
✔ Suitable for moderate to highly exuding wounds
✔ Simple & intuitive application [9]


Zetuvit® Plus Silicone Border alleviates concerns of odour and leakage3,6,10 while offering atraumatic dressing changes thanks to its integrated silicone contact layer8. Furthermore, the unique combination of cellulose and superabsorbent polymer (SAP) provides comfort and cushioning11. Thus, helping socially isolated patients regain confidence.

Available sizing


Watch the video below to learn how to apply and remove Zetuvit® Plus Silicone Border.

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