Clarity | Management Reporting

What is Clarity?

Clarity is the name of our management reporting system for continence management healthcare services. Clarity is our decision-driving dashboard that makes complex data simple and shines a light on areas of your continence service you might be in the dark about.

Clarity allows you to track every area of your continence management budget, breaking down third party spending, total costs by area, age group or product type.

Clarity tracks your complete continence service product usage exactly as you’d like it and uses your average delivery cycle to plan. With Clarity you can enjoy a clear picture of your achievements and make informed decisions that will help you to meet your continence management service objectives.

Watch the video to discover our continence management solution, Clarity

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Clarity makes complex data simple 

✔ Clarity allows you to plan with compliance covered. Through an advanced reporting tool, you can view data by areas such as postcode to see where efficiency gains could be made.

✔ Spot potential savings. Take advantage of our telephone reassessments service and see the possible hours you could save.

✔ Monitor your performance is easy. Keep track of your active patients’ numbers at a glance and measure your performance against the NHS number accuracy target.

✔ Clarity provides you with paperless reporting when you need it and where you need it, supporting the NHS paper-free initiative.

✔ Together, let’s enhance your continence management service through Clarity. We're giving you your data, your way!

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