ALiGN | Patient Data Management

What is ALiGN?

ALiGN is the name of our patient data management system for continence management healthcare services. ALiGN cross-checks patient data against the NHS spine database to ensure your continence management patient database is continuously cleansed and kept up to date. ALiGN will remove any patients who have left the area or have deceased, leaving you with an active patient list. ALiGN then stops deliveries of continence products to patients who have left the area or have deceased, saving you time and money – and ultimately preventing fraud as well!
Wendy Naish MA, BSC (HONS), RGN Nurse Consultant – Community Continence Service
"So far, we have stopped over 500 potential deliveries, which has had an estimated saving of just over £19,000 since implementation six months ago. In addition to the cost saving and identifying fraud, it is useful to have all the correct details for patients if we need to contact them"

Achieve your healthcare service targets with ALiGN

✔ Reduce potential fraud by reducing the number of incorrect deliveries made
✔ Save costs by minimising the number of incorrect deliveries made
✔ Release clinical time by reducing the amount of manual paperwork
✔ Improve accuracy of reporting through one easy-to-use digital interface
✔ Achieve NHS targets through a robust management system aligned to your service goals
✔ Track, change and monitor all patient movements through a flexible system

Looking after your personal data is important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy where you can find detailed information on how we protect and use personal data. We might share your personal information with a responsible employee in the relevant country within the HARTMANN GROUP. Your personal data will never be transferred to any third parties outside the HARTMANN Group.

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