GPN Personal Development and Revalidation Zone

At HARTMANN UK, we believe our support in providing personal development opportunities and resources for clinicians, will help us all to go further for health and continue to improve wound care for all.

Clinical skills and knowledge are core elements for any clinician. The evolving NHS and patient needs require clinicians to step outside of their comfort zone. Presenting business cases, coordinating projects, service evolution, presenting clinical and health economic outcomes are some of the key skills required.

In order to progress wound care practice and deliver a quality service, personal development requires commitment and passion. At HARTMANN UK we offer access to valuable personal development resources due, in part, to our unique partnership with GPN. This is our commitment as a trusted partner to you!

So, if you're struggling to keep up to date with CPD and clinical and personal development, the new GPN Academy, is the answer. Not only can you improve clinical skills through the academy's e-learning modules, articles, and videos, but also create your personal development plan through a range of units on key areas such as leadership, business planning, project management and more. All while building evidence of your CPD! Register or log on today and get involved in this accessible and engaging FREE e-learning platform.

The GPN Revalidation Zone is brought to you by the Journal of General Practice Nursing in partnership with HARTMANN UK.

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