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Wound CRC Welcomes HARTMANN Australia as New Industry Participant

The Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre (Wound CRC) continues its commitment to ensuring research and development activities are closely aligned with industry needs with the signing today of HARTMANN Australia as a Participant.

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HARTMANN is one of the leading providers of wound care products for patients and healthcare professionals around the world. Wound dressings have been at the heart of HARTMANN ever since the company went into business nearly 200 years ago. Offering effective solutions for wound healing and thus making life easier for patients has been a long tradition at HARTMANN.

Collaboration has been in the company’s DNA since Paul Hartmann himself reached out to healthcare professionals in the 1870s to combine his production know-how with their healthcare knowledge. This collaboration continues today with HARTMANN joining forces with the Wound CRC.

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Dr Ian Griffiths, CEO of Wound CRC, today said:
“I am proud that HARTMANN Australia have joined our growing list of active and engaged industry Participants. I look forward to both organisations collaborating on industry-relevant research projects. In conjunction with our Research Participants, we have a unique opportunity to together address some of the significant unmet needs in the wound industry” Mark Summerville, Managing Director of HARTMANN Australia, today said:“We are very excited to join the Wound CRC, at HARTMANN our goal is to make wound care treatments simple and ensure we provide efficient and cost effective solutions to help reach more patients. We understand the complexities that this represents and it is why we believe our collaboration with the Wound CRC will help us to together strive towards this goal and ultimately live true to our brand promise of going further for health.”